All services are performed by appointment only. This allows us to give your dog undivided attention during his visit. It also eliminates the need for your dog to be caged for many hours. Please schedule your appointment at a time when you will be available to drop off and pick up within a few hours. I do not have the facilities to offer doggy daycare.


The Studio uses only the very best in coat products! Most of our products are staples in the professional dog grooming world. I use groom professional shampoos and conditioners specially formulated for specific coat types. I also use a variety of leave in conditioners and high quality silicone sprays to help the coat be easier to comb at home and tangle free a little longer.

No dog has ever had an allergic reaction to any of the groom professional products but, if you are sensitive to fragrance, we have a fragrance free shampoo just for you. If your dog has a vet prescribed shampoo or cream rinse I will be happy to apply it for you.


We pride ourselves in offering expert dog grooming in Bradford to all sizes and all breeds dogs.

I am a true animal lover, you can be sure that your pets are relaxed and comfortable throughout their time with us.

I appreciate that happy pets are just like their owners.  
They must look good and smell good to feel good at all times.

Hence, our grooming services are carried out as thoroughly and gently as possible by myself. I make sure that as your pooch receives full grooming, it feels pampered and relaxed throughout, using top quality shampoos for all different coat types.

Pet grooming for all sizes and breeds

  • Bath, dry and removal of any unwanted coats or tangles
  • Clip nails, clean teeth and check ears are clear
  • Styling to breed standard or to your wishes
  • Gentle hand stripping as necessary

As all dogs vary in size and need.

Prices will be dictated by the breed and size of the dog with considertation for the dog’s coat condition. A dog that is not regularly groomed will require more attention due to coat matting.  My overall aim is to provide an affordable dog grooming service to a very high standard. I offer a bath and dry service if a full groom is not required.
Please contact me to book and appointment and give your dog the ‘DOG FACTOR’ and discuss my very competative prices…..



Small dog or short haired dog : £15

Large, Semi long haired dogs : £30

Giant, Very long haired, or thick coated dogs : £40

Nail clipping
(Included in the price if having a groom and or bath)  : £5

Trimming and Clipping
Depending on your dog breed and style…

Prices range from £25.00 up to £70.00

Call me now to discuss your requirement on 07968 882291